I am MMT Ravihara.

My discipline is engineering. I educated in Government University in Sri Lanka.

I am studying and practicing C, C++, C#, VB6, VB.net, Python, R, AS3, HTML, PHP, and JAVA.

My interesting are electronic, microcontroller, participate for researches and innovative activities, helping to inventors, sharing experience and knowledge and study ethical hacking.

I love programming so much. I enjoy so much solving particular problem and helping colleagues to with my experience or knowledge.

And after all I am open source lover! I am living dreams with free and peaceful world for everyone beyond the limitation of nationality, race, ethnic, religion and regions.

Beyond the technical skills I am enjoy so much reading, traveling, writing for circles and blogs, poems so on.

I worked as naturalist, school teacher, university visiting technician.

I am simple, charm and humble man! I feel everyday I am a still student try to understand something or reveal something. So my curiosity is unlimited.

I will share some of my free products and sell some products via this web site. The goal of selling my products are to make economic for living condition and help to others in some aspects and research, freeware projects, and inventing projects.

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පරිශීලක ඔබේ සාධනීය අදහස් උදහස් වෙනුවෙන් අප විවෘතයි. අපව සම්බන්ධ කර ගැනීමට තොරතුරු පහත දක්වා ඇත. එසේ නැතිනම් ඔබේ අදහස් පණිවිඩයකින් එවිය හැකිය.


NO: 218/1, 9 Canal, Thunkama, Embilipitiya


+94 71 6482 955